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About Mix the City India

Mix the City (MTC) is an interactive music platform that draws users to explore the music of a particular region and create their unique music compositions that can be shared online.

Mix the City India has four versions, showcasing the diversity of sound, music and cultural influences from the country's 4 metros: Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai. Each version of the platform features 12 Indian musicians whose original music samples have been compiled by UK music-producers (Boxed In, Django Django and Anna Meredith, along with Israeli producer Kutiman) into short audio/ video samples. These samples can be combined and mixed up, to compose a soundtrack that the user can share on their social media channels, directly from the website.  

Users do not require any prior knowledge of music or rhythm to explore this platform. It is a fun, intuitive website that allows you to explore the sounds of your city through its local musicians. 

Launched in April 2015 with Tel Aviv, in part-funding from The Space and BBC, there have been a total of six MTC versions so far, globally. Users from over 198 countries have accessed this platform with over 2M reach.

We have partnered with Smartron India who is our technolgy partner and Rolling Stone India magazine, our promotional partners for all the 4 Mix the City versions. 

The launches

Mix the City India will launch its 4 versions over the course of 2017. The first launch took place on 31 March, 2017 with Mix the City, Mumbai followed by Mix the City, Delhi. Mix the City, Chennai and Kolkata will launch towards the second half of 2017

How to create your Mix

  1. Log onto Mix the City: from your PC, laptop, tablet, Android/ iOS device. 
  2. You can listen to the Curator's 4-Minute audio/ video mix by clicking on "Watch XYZ Mix'. Or if you want to skip that option and jump straight to the musician section, click on the 'Make Music' button.
  3. Once you see a palatte of 12 musicians, you can start creating your soundtrack by clicking on the 'R' button.
  4. Mix through the different sound samples on the pallatte and once you are satisfied, click the 'R' button again, to stop recording.
  5. Now you can playback your mix by clicking on the 'Play' icon on screen.
  6. You are now ready to share this Mix with friends by clicking on any of the four social media channel icons.
  7. If you are not pleased with your Mix, you can start over, from option 3.
  8. Did you like it? Then create another Mix.  

About the Partners

Mix the City India would not have been possible without the constant support and creative collaboration with UK-based digital content partners Flying Object and Roll Studio and Chennai-based Production partner EarthSync India.

Rolling Stone India is our Promotional partner for all editions of Mix the City India. You can read about the stories here:   

Listen to Django Django & Boxed In's complete Mixes below:

About Flying Object

Flying Object, digital content partner on Mix the City, are a London-based creative agency who specialise in developing engaging experiences using the tools of the web. Core to their work is a belief that technology alone can’t cut through the noise; that to succeed online requires innovative ideas, executed well across video, social, interactive and beyond. Launched in September 2013, projects to date have included the School of YouTube for Comic Relief and Bar Coder for Google. More information can be found at


About Roll Studio

Roll Studio, technical development partner, is a creative digital agency based in London and Avellino, Italy, specialising in design, development and digital services. They have over 10 years' experience in creating and programming some of the most innovative experiences on the internet. Helping brands embrace the ever changing digital landscape and having some fun along the way, more information can be found at


About EarthSync

EarthSync is a producer of high end, award winning audio and visual content, based in Chennai, South India, working with roots to contemporary music and artists from far corners of the world.  EarthSync’s diverse work spans international touring, documentary films, educational programmes, digital products, and festivals. Its online platform EarthMoments produces unique collections of high quality global sound samples, and IndiEarth supports independent artists. EarthSync brings its vast experience and multi-country network to build India's creative industries infrastructure through its initiative IndiEarth XChange, India’s definitive trade event for independent music, film and media.

The Curators:

Django Django: 

Django Django are a 4 piece band from Scotland, England and Ireland, now based in London. Their debut album came out in 2012 and was shortlisted for the Mercury Prize and named one of the albums of the year by Rolling Stone and NME. Their second album 'Born Under Saturn', was met with rave reviews across the board: “One of Britain’s biggest indie success stories” said NME, ‘thrilling second album’ said Q, “infectious” said The Times. The Band are currently recording their third album.

Boxed In:  

British singer-songwriter and producer Oliver Bayston is the mainstay of the dynamic electro-pop outfit Boxed In, known for their intelligent and accessible music. In 2015 the four-member band released their self tiled debut album ‘Boxed In’ to an array of support from key media all around the world. 

With Bayston on vocals, keyboards and guitar, Jack Benfield on guitars and synths, Mark Nicholls on bass and Liam Hutton on drums, Boxed In’s second studio album ‘Melt’ was recorded live as a band in Dan Carey’s studio (who co-produced the album with Bayston) and released in 2016, only a year after their critically acclaimed debut album.

Beneath the pristine surfaces lie passionate examinations of choice and change, whilst a pulsating sense of positivity runs throughout: if ‘Boxed In’ was essentially a breakup record, ‘Melt’ is one of reconciliation (with a partner, with your future, and with yourself). Oli is also earning a reputation in parallel to Boxed In as one of the UK’s most eclectic new producers. He’s recently been in the studio with the likes of Nimmo, George Fitzgerald, Petite Noir, Rose Elinor Dougall, The 2 Bears and many more.

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