Coreo Cymru, The Dance Dome Liminality  ©

Matt Wright 

Liminality is a partnership between Chapter’s dance programme Coreo Cymru, 4Pi Productions and The Danceworx India, which supports the creation of a new 360° Full Dome dance film co-choreographed by Wales-based dance artists Kim Noble and Hugh Stanier. It includes a cast of over 30 dancers and a new sound score created by internationally-renowned musician Grey Filastine. 

This film project explores the influences of both cultures with themes engaging the juxtaposition between spirituality and industry. It will be filmed in South Wales, Delhi and Goa, at coastal and urban locations to create a short immersive work through the contemporary dance aesthetic. 

Liminality 360º film will be available to view from April 2018 onwards, through online Virtual Reality platforms, at fulldome theatres and planetariums worldwide and within the Dance Dome touring programme. 

Key dates in the programme

July 2017- Filming in South Wales 

15 July - Dance Workshop at Chapter, Wales 

16 -17 October- R&D presentations at Cardiff, at Wales Millennium Centre 

November 2017- Filming in India

April 2018- Film premiere, India 


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