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India at IFS 2017

Among India’s pastoral communities – nomadic groups renowned for their artisanal skill as much as their animal-herding expertise – a keen awareness of the need to share and protect natural resources, preserve historic mechanisms, and maintain their social fabric has enabled ancient traditions to survive in the face of industrialisation.

Five Indian designers are participating at the IFS 2017. For the country’s new generation of fashion designers, the Indian pastoralist lifestyle offers inspiring solutions to the global fashion industry’s ever-growing focus on sustainability, providing a starting-point for contemporary reinterpretations of India’s celebrated textile heritage.

The theme for IFS 2017

Between 17 - 21 February, 2017, a series of installations in the West Wing at Somerset House will explore the theme of Local/Global. Countries have been invited to explore the influence of place on fashion and to examine how emerging designers can transform their local culture into a global language.

Fashion is shaped by its surroundings: the rhythms of nature, climate, cultural memory, social change and historical shifts are reflected in silhouettes, techniques and materials.

The peculiarities of ‘place’ give rise to different ways of designing, making and wearing fashion. By considering fashion within their own landscape, the countries taking part in IFS will highlight the similarities and differences of our complex and connected world.


Admission is free but pre-registration is advised.

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